Grand Prairie Slab Leak Repair

slab leak repair grand prairie texasHave you unexpectedly receive a higher water bill than normal?

Are you starting to notice cracks in the concrete around your home?

Is the water pressure in your home suddenly dropping?

Are you noticing the ground outside of your home unusually wet all the time?

These are a few signs leading toward a slab leak issue in your home.

The GP plumbing experts can help you with all slab leak issues in your home or business. With over 20 years experience we specialize in slab leak detection and repair. If not immediately handled a slab leak left alone can cause serious foundation problems that could lead to a much more serious and more expensive ticket.

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We Fix Slab Leak Repairs in Grand Prairie, TX

If you feel you have a slab leak issue in your home he was a call today. We offer free estimates and can first evaluate the situation visually. At this point we can then need you to the steps on what should be done next to fix the issue. here is a simple tip that can help you determine if you have the slab leak.

Make sure you have no running water in your house, locate the water meter and visually check to see if your gauges are moving. If the meter shows water is running chances are you possibly have a slab leak under your home. We can provide an exact location to where the slab leak is located using our detection location system. Once we pinpoint the location we can then attack the problem and locate the pipe that is causing the leak.

If you are located in the Grand Prairie/Arlington Texas area, contact us today. We can help you locate the problem then offer a solution to fixing the issue.

Homeowner slab leak test

I’m usually high water bill are common signs of the slab leak problem. even a small broken pipe at 40 psi can cause your water bill to skyrocket.

Can you hear water running? A busted pipe can sometimes be heard.

Water meter continuously turning? Another common sign of a slab leak. Let us help you locate and confirm your slab leak today.

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