Signs To Look For When It’s Time To Replace A Water Heater

Posted on: June 11, 2016 by in Blog
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Maintaining a water heating system is one of the most challenging plumbing practices for most homeowners. Most water heaters have a life expectancy of approximately twelve years when properly maintained. Proper maintenance of water heaters involves regular flushing routines to remove corroded parts and scale build-ups. Even with proper maintenance, water heaters need to be replaced after 10-15 years, when their efficiency declines due to internal corrosion and scaling. Below are some signs to look out for whether it’s time to replace your water heater.

Signs To Look For When It’s Time To Replace A Water Heater


Replace the water heater after every ten years. It is not advisable to wait until the water heater begins to present issues such as leaks before opting for a replacement. Find out the age of your unit from the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker in cases you don’t know it. The serial number is usually located on the upper of the water heater and indicates its date of manufacture. Note this serial number and check use it to check your unit’s age limit from the manufacturers website.

Increased Sediments Build Up In The Tank And Rusty Water

Consider replacing your water heater unit if the water coming out from it is rusty. The presence of muddy water is an indication that the unit is rusting from inside and is almost about to start leaking. Drain a few buckets of hot water from the water heater using a five-gallon bucket to ascertain if the water heater is indeed the cause of the rusty water. You can be certain that your water heater has rusted if the water is still muddy after the third bucket.

Leaks In Water Heaters

Hot water tanks need to be replaced with a new one when they start leaking since the units are non-replaceable. Water heaters usually start leaking through welded joints, steel threads, or seams due to deterioration after a period of use. These leaks are difficult to locate. However, leaks which are not as a result of the aging of the unit are fixable. Also, you should check that the leaks are not coming from other fixtures and fittings before replacing the water heater.

Noises From The Water Heater

Rumblings, loud crackling, and popping sounds are an indication that you should replace your water heater. These sound happen when sediment build-ups at the bottom of the water heater tank are heated over and over again.

Water Not Heating Up As Before With The Current Temperature Settings

Your water heater is almost out of use when it is not heating up as before. You will be forced to adjust the increase the thermostat or temperature settings in such cases. Deterioration of the dip tubes, an over-worked gas valve, or corroded electric elements are the main causes of this glitch.

Uncharacteristic Taste Or Smell In Water

A metallic taste in water is an indication that your water heater unit is about to break down, owing to internal corrosion.

Prevention is better than cure. Neglecting to do regular maintenance on your water heater unit can be costly. You will be forced to replace the units before the expiry of their shelf-life. Call your plumber at once when you detect any problem with your water heater unit.