GP Plumbing Expert Plumbing Tips

Posted on: January 22, 2016 by in Blog
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In today’s post we’ll go over a few important plumbing tips to help keep your home or business avoid a major plumbing issues that could occur.

First off let’s discuss roots around your home. They can be a huge problem for older style pipes that you have under your yard if you have trees near by. Get these pipes checked and cleaned as the cost is way less cheaper than having to replace your home inside from a backed up stoppage.  Tip 2: Let’s discuss water leaks.

Do you think somewhere in your home you’re having a leak? Here’s what you need to do. First remove the lid cover from your water meter outside using a special key to access it. You can buy one at any hardware store. Make sure all faucets and water inside is turned off and do not use the toilet during this time.  Check the meter to see if it’s moving. If it is, water is being used.  If everything is off and it’s moving somewhere the water is leaking.

Give the GP Plumbing Experts a call today.  Tip #3 Never put shell fish inside your kitchen disposal. Always allow water to a little longer after using your kitchen disposal to help material move into the main drain line easily.  Tip #4 How old is your toilet? Consider replacing any older toilet with a new 1 and a half gallon toilet. This helps save water and allows better performance with it.