3 Simple Slab Leak Tips for Home Owners

Posted on: June 6, 2016 by in Blog
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Today’s post we are going to give you some great tips on how to determine if your house has a slab leak. These are signs and possible clues that your house could have a slab leak that needs repairing. One big sign is that you have water leaking around the side or the slab of your house. There should be no reason for you to have water leaking out around the slab when there’s no sign of any water for hose around the area that could cause it. If you notice water heating around the slab or even outside your home in certain areas where the water is always moist this could be a big clue that you could have a slab leak.

Another sign that you could possibly have a slab leak is seen clues from the inside. Are you noticing water around certain areas inside your home or bathroom?

Is water seeping out around inside the walls were underneath tile? Typically this happens around areas where piping is around such is the bathroom or kitchen area.

One final tip is to check your water meter. This is a much more easier way and also can help you did determining if it’s a cold or hot water leak. You want to locate your water meter outside your home. Typically this is by the curb. You then want to look at your water meter for small gauge sometimes in red or blue that is spinning. If you feel you have a slab leak first thing you want to do is go inside and make sure everything you have running with water is turned off. Then go back to your gauge outside and check to see if your water meter is spinning. If it is this can be a clue that you have a busted pipe or slab leak in your home and water is being leaked out somewhere. These are three tips you can use for determining if you have a slab leak. If you feel your home has a slab leak in Grand Prairie, give us a┬áCall Us: (469) 242-0762 – We can assist with locating the problem as well as fixing it.